Master Series Single Malt Whisky – Original 14 Years

HKD$ 2550

Vol: 700 ml

This single malt whisky represents the very best from the Hellyers Road Bond Store. Hand-picked by the master distiller, each one has its individuality substantiated by the unique batch number it carries. In further recognition of their authenticity and exclusivity, every bottle has been numbered and personally signed by the master distiller.

Tasting Notes

The nose is drawn to omnipresent wafts of citrus, lemon and orange, while the palate is in receipt of a vanilla sweetness that wholeheartedly manifests in an explosion of flavoursome fizz in the finish. A delightfully rewarding single malt experience, further enhanced by its time in the cask.

Product Information

Aged 14 years 67.4% ALC/VOL 700ml From The Island State of Tasmania

Product of Australia


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