Hitachino Barrel Aged Series Boxset

HKD$ 500


A box set with 3 different Hitachino Nest Barrel Edition bottles.

3 Bottles of Hitachino Nest Barrel Aged (750mL)  including:

Commennorative Ale Barrel Edition
Our New Year Ale – a winter seasonal – slowly aged in bourbon barrels. Enjoy its spicy flavour, and the mellow aroma of bourbon barrels.

Espresso Stout Barrel Edition
Our espresso stout – brewed with well-roasted coffee beans – slowly aged in sherry and bourbon barrels. The subtle acidity from the sherry barrel and the richness from the bouron barrel, create a complex flavour.

Barrel Edition Nipponia Barrel Edition
Our Nipponia – brewed with Japanese-origin ingredients, ‘Kaneko Golden’ malted barley and ‘Sorachi Ace’ hops – slowly aged in Kiuchi red wine barrels. The citrusy flavor merged with the deep, rich aroma from red wine barrels makes this a complex taste.


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