Nipponia is brewed with the revived Japanese breed of Kanego Golden Barley which was first developed in 1900 along with Japanese-bred Sorachi Ace hops. Nipponia is a delightful golden colored beer with a citrus edge and, complex and lingering flavors.

Pale Ale

HKD$ 30


$30 /bottle

The Pale Ale is brewed with a traditional English method and uses British malts and hops.  It is malty, hoppy, and carries a rich and full body.

Volume : 330ml,
Style : Pale Ale
ABV. : 5.5%
SRM : 13
IBU : 20
Serving Temperature : 10℃
Hop : Chinook,Perle,Hallertau,Sonnet
Malt : Pale,Crystal
Yeast : Ale


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