Kikusakari Pure Ibaraki Junmai-daiginjo

HKD$ 275

720 ml

Pure Ibaraki Junmai-daiginjo is brewed using locally grown rice, “Hitachinishiki” (made in Ibaraki), which is highly polished to 45%, and fermented by the original “Hitachi” yeast. On the bouquet is wonderful fragrant and smooth sake. It is good paired with Hitachino’s seasonal dishes.

Product details:
Rice polishing rate: 45%
Rice: Hitachinishiki, locally grown rice
Yeast: Hitachi Kobo
Shubo (yeast starter): Sokujo
Alcohol volume: 16%
Sake meter value (nihonshudo): +3
Acidity: 1.6
Amino acidity: 1.0
Recommended way to drink: cold or warm or room temperature
Season: All year round


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