Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 21 Years Old
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Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 21 Years Old


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This pure malt whisky is characterized by a deep and flavorful richness and excellent balance unique to whisky matured for 21 years. You’re sure to enjoy the nose, which blends the richness of ripe fruit with the elegance of the aged cask, and the complex changes in character that appear as the finish approaches.
Volume: 700mL

ABV: 43.0%

Nose: Plenty of oak influence with notes of prunes and soy sauce. Cocoa, espresso beans, almost a touch of anise.

Palate: Spices, black pepper, loads of tangy sherry, hints of turmeric and other spices. Then ground ginger, mixed peels, hints of marmalade.

Finish: Long, good oaky grip with a perfect balance of spice.


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