Green Tea Saison + West to East IPA Box Set
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Green Tea Saison + West to East IPA Box Set

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Green Tea Saison

Beer Style:Saison
ABV:5.0%, IBU:32.8

This golden-hue Saison brewed with renowned “hand-picked Sayama (狭山) Yabukita“ green tea, a local agricultural product from the region of COEDO brewery in Japan. You can feel the comfortable aroma from citrusy hops, the mild flavor of green tea, and the spiciness from Saison yeasts. The finish is clean and refreshing to drink with 5% ABV.

West to East IPA

Beer Style:IPA
ABV:7.2%, IBU:50.3

The style is IPA brewed with Japanese rice and Yuzu, which you can feel “Japan” from. The character of those ingredients is harmonized perfectly with fruitiness from citrusy aroma hops and rich taste from barley malts with more than 7% ABV.

Please enjoy the beautiful balance. Cheers!

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