Umeshu Kiuchi
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Umeshu Kiuchi


Anbai Ale has an additional mix of fresh Japanese plum and sea salt with rich minerals, blended with Hitachino Nest Beer to create a perfectly balanced taste between fruity, malts and hops.

Volume : 330ml
Style : Gose
ABV. : 7.5%

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ABV: 14.5%

This awarded Umeshu is a special liqueur made from sprits “Kiuchi no Shizuku” distilled from our famous Hitachino Nest Beer White Ale, infused with local green ume (unripe Japanese Sour Plum). Ume contains a lot of natural citric acid, the resulting this Umeshu has a sweet, acidic, very refreshing taste that pairs very well with sushi, sea food, and oriental cuisine and you can also enjoy as an aperitif or dessert wine.


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